Capture the magic of the cosmos above us.

Gain the confidence you need to create amazing Milky Way images with the gear you already have!

  • 4-Step Framework

    Discover and master the 4 keys that will let you take any Milky Way photograph using my proven 4-step framework. Presented in easy to digest modules that you can watch over and over, with PDFs of the presentations, and Kristine's "coles notes" of the key points!

  • Shooting Recipes

    Every type of Milky Way photograph you can take broken into easy to follow Shooting Recipes (think "cookbook" but for your camera and the stars!) Kristine provides you with printable PDFs as well as night-friendly JPGs for your phone.

  • Live Q&A with Kristine

    Included in your course is a month worth of direct access to Kristine via group LIVE Q&A sessions. 1 session for each module (6 total!) so you complete the course alongside everyone else and feel confident in your ability to go out and shoot.

  • Live Critiques

    Kristine will be hosting 2 LIVE critiques, where you submit your images and get feedback on exactly what and how to improve. Students of past classes have remarked that these LIVEs make it feel like we are all in a classroom together!

Is this class right for me?

I am passionate about giving enthusiastic outdoor photographers the tools they need to confidently create stunning images of the Milky Way. I want people inside my course who are SO EXCITED about this kind of photography and are willing to do the work to create AMAZING images. If any of the following sounds like you then you are a good fit for my class:

  • You love being outside and are fascinated with the night sky but aren't sure where to start

  • You have seen beautiful images of the Milky Way and want to create your own to print for your own walls and your family and friends (And just imagine when they start asking you about buying your prints!)

  • You want to start creating beautiful images NOW, before the Milky Way isn't visible again until next year. You don't want to piece together tutorials and troubleshoot alone, wasting countless hours out in the dark. You're ready to fast track your success all the while doing so with a group of enthusiastic photographers alongside you.

  • You prioritize creativity in your life and get SO DARN EXCITED about learning new techniques and creating beautiful images that most people think aren't possible.

Ok, you're still here which means this is the right class for you! How about a peek inside? This class leaves no star unturned

(Get it? Stone unturned!.. no? Well, at least my kids think I'm clever)

  • 1

    Module 0 - Night Photography Foundations

    • 0.1 Welcome
    • 0.2 Becoming Nocturnal
    • 0.3 Gear
  • 2

    Module 1 - Planning

    • 1.0 Weather
    • 1.1 Finding True Dark
    • 1.2 Light Pollution
    • 1.3 Finding the Milky Way
    • 1.4 Planning your perfect photo
    • 1.5 Types of Milky Way Photos
    • Phone App - Photopills
    • Phone App - Planit Pro
    • Phone App - TPE 3D
  • 3

    Module 2 - How to Photograph the Milky Way

    • 2.1 Focus
    • 2.2 Compose
    • 2.3 Expose
    • 2.4 Light
    • 2.5 Common Issues
  • 4

    Module 3 - Your First Milky Way Shoot

    • 3.0 Technique: Single Introduction
    • 3.1 Technique: Single - Getting the shot
    • 3.2 Single Image Editing Introduction
    • 3.3 Single Image Editing Techniques
    • Homework
    • Resources
  • 5

    Module 4 - Choose Your Own Adventure

    • 4.0 Panoramic
    • Panoramic Editing
    • 4.1 Blend - Focus Stack
    • Blend Editing - Focus Stack
    • 4.2 Stacking
    • Stacking Editing
    • Homework
  • 6

    Module 5 - Light Painting

    • 5.0 Understanding Light
    • 5.1 Artificial Light - Flashlight
    • 5.2 Artificial Light - Lantern
    • 5.3 Artificial Light - Low Level Lighting
    • 5.4 Natural Light - Moonlight
    • 5.5 Natural Light - Starlight
    • 5.6 Natural Light - Sunrise/Sunset/Blue Hour
  • 7

    Shooting Recipes

    • Single
    • Panoramic
    • Blend
    • Stacked
    • Sample Data
  • 8

    LIVE session replays

    • Module 0 Welcome Q&A
    • Module 1 Planning Q&A
    • Module 2 How to Photograph the Milky Way Q&A
    • Module 3 Your First Milky Way Shoot Q&A
    • LIVE Critique - Single Shot
    • Module 4 Choose Your Own Adventure Q&A
    • LIVE Critique - Choose your own adventure
    • Module 5 Light Painting Q&A
    • Extra resources
Watch Intro Video

Look inside the course

Come see literally exactly what is inside the course. I've created a comprehensive resource that you get lifetime access to

Sign up for September's class

and start creating amazing images of the Milky Way

You will get >>> Lifetime access to pre-recorded modules >>> A facebook group just for students of this class >>> And a FULL month of LIVE Q&As to keep you accountable and answer all of your questions. >>> There will be no stopping you once you sign up for this class, everything you need is in one neat package! <<<

Lost when it comes to editing?

This image was edited without Photoshop (yes, really) in 4 minutes. See how with step by step tutorials inside the class and get your images edited in our critiques!

Hear what other students have to say

TLDR: Kristine is awesome ( 😂😂 sorry, I had to, but for real- this is feedback from some of my June classes students)

Susan on before enrolling: and Susan on after enrolling:
I had watched some videos on Kelby One about shooting the Milky Way and read some blog posts by different photographers- I think I would have “thought” I was prepared, but after watching Kristine's free class and being a part of her Masterclass, I most definitely was NOT prepared. I had no idea the thought and preparation that took place in shooting nightscapes.
Kristine is an EXCELLENT teacher who thoroughly explains all concepts involved in night photography, the background and “why’s”, and the post-processing.  I would highly recommend anyone to take ANY course that Kristine offers. She goes above and beyond to provide great information to her students in order for them to be successful!

And here is one of Susan's first images from the course (taken from her backyard, and yes, I'm jealous that she has such an amazing view of the Milky Way from her backyard too! 😂)

Kiersten on before enrolling: and Kiersten on after enrolling:
Before your class I had shot the Milky Way once based on info I got from online (not sure it was great info as my results were lacking). I was less enthusiastic about getting out to see what I could capture and was thinking I could just point and shoot and call it a day.
I have been able to shoot some awesome images of the Milky Way! I feel like now I can easily go out, set up my gear and fire away. Kristine is genuine and keeps it real! She shares her experiences which helps people who are intimidated by the Milky Way. I loved the online content with the live calls, it was a great way to connect and also go at my own pace.

One of Kiersten's first images with Jupiter reflecting brightly in the ocean!

More?! Ok. I have more.

Next up I want to introduce you to Michael.

Two months ago Michael had never taken a photograph in manual mode. He enrolled in a basic class I offered and started shooting in manual (a special, pandemics suck lets learn something series I did in April of this year).

Then he enrolled in my free training "Your First Milky Way Photograph" and captured his very first photograph of the Milky Way.

And then he enrolled in my signature course "Milky Way Photography Masterclass" 

He had this to say about this class:

I am a performer/entertainer and found myself without employment due to the pandemic. I was in need of a new creative outlet.

Before the masterclass I had zero experience with photographing the Milky Way. I was very new to photography and assumed Milky Way photography was well beyond my ability and equipment capabilities. I’m very happy to have been proven wrong! (Kristine's note- Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm kit lens)

I have achieved exactly what I had set out to achieve. I’ve learned to take MW photos! 

Being outside alone in the middle of the night is wonderful and even a little addictive. The quiet and the amazing starry views soothe the soul! 

Having indefinite access to the classes in invaluable! I will be referencing the videos for a long time to come.

I would tell anyone interested in this course that you will not be disappointed! Not only did my photography improve immensely, but so did everyone of the other participants. It was wonderful to see everyone’s progress.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how much I learned during this Milky Way master class, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Let's talk about your options:
Traditional Milky Way photography in person workshops where you fly to an exotic location and pay for room and board in addition to the class itself can cost upwards of $2000 (plus travel costs, remember travelling?!)

And while it can be exciting to travel to a new location, with the current world situation it will be a while before traversing borders is practical (and even desirable). #summerathome

Unsure about an online course that you do at home, all by yourself, with no support?
>Yeah. I would be too< 

That's why you get direct access to me!

Your class includes access to 6 scheduled LIVE group coaching calls, and 2 scheduled LIVE critique calls. That's two calls a week in August.

AND you will have access to an exclusive facebook group where students can support and encourage each other. (<<< THIS is an amazing resource of supportive photographers who are growing along with you!)

This class and the LIVES follow the moon cycle so you are perfectly aligned to take your first image when the celestial conditions align. (I've thought of everything! And I'm modest too, haha!)

Enrolment is only open until Friday August 28th 2020

This class aligns with the new moon cycle in September and starts on August 31st. Late enrolments are not accepted (And this is the last time this class is offered in 2020)

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*

You have 90 days from today to put Milky Way Photography Masterclass to the test. That's 90 days to see if we are a right fit.

I can do that because I believe in my training that much!

If you are unable to create images of the Milky Way after going through this class simply email to get your complete refund.

All that I ask is you show me that you've done the work.

Why do I ask that you show me the work?

You won't get results if you don't take action and go out and shoot and practice. I can't help you if you don't do the work and I don't want to waste any of my time with someone who is purchasing a program and not putting it to use.

*See Terms & Conditions for details

Heck yes! Sign me up.

Pricing options:

And yes! There is even more.

When you sign up for my Milky Way Photography Masterclass you will also receive each of these courses free of charge.

  • Photoshop ($247 value)

    Excited to start creating and editing Milky Way images but intimidated by the Big P (I mean photoshop.. maybe no one calls it the "Big P", but wouldn't it be funny if they did?) I'm including a full course on how to use Photoshop from start to finish for photography editing. And in every editing module in our main Milky Way Photography Masterclass I reference exactly where you can find in depth tutorials on the specific techniques I am using in this Photoshop class. This class is built to help both straight up beginners (how do I even buy photoshop?) to those who are more intermediate!

  • How to shoot the Full Moon ($97 value)

    Step by step outline for taking amazing full moon images. You'll be surprised just how easy it is, and will be happy that much of the planning that goes into our Milky Way photoshoots can also be used to plan a full moon rise. This will give you something to shoot during the full moon phase when the Milky Way is to faint to capture.

  • How to shoot star trails ($97 value)

    Stuck somewhere and unable to get to truly dark skies? You can photograph star trails from almost any location. Learn how to maximize your stars and what the number one mistake is that most photographers make when shooting star trails.

  • How to shoot meteor showers ($97 value)

    Meteor showers are a predictable annual event and so friggin fun to photograph! Learn how to plan ahead for the best showers of the year, how to photograph and how to edit meteor showers.

And if you think this all sounds great, but it's too advanced?

  • Master Manual on your DSLR ($147 value)

    If you aren't confident shooting in manual this class will get you from shooting in auto to using full manual mode! It is the perfect primer for any photographers that don't yet feel confident shooting 100% in manual.

  • Raw Editing ($97 value)

    Never shot an image in RAW before? Feel COMPLETELY LOST when it comes to editing images?! This class covers the foundations with you and gets you up and running in no time!

Your last chance of 2020 to start creating images that your family and friends will be totally blown away by! Come along with Kristine every step of the way and


  • I don't feel confident going out at night, is this course for me?

    Yes! The number one feedback I have from students is that this course not only gives them all of the information they need in an easily digestible and accessible way, but it also gives them the confidence they need to feel comfortable venturing out in the dark. And I go in depth into safety and precautions in the course as an added layer!

  • I don't like staying up at night, can I still do this class?

    Nope! Sorry. Side affects to taking this course may include losing sleep around the new moon cycle. This type of photography can bee a wee bit addicting, and you will need to be up until full dark to take these images. (I recommend naps! Not just for babies, also for milky way photographers 😂😂)

  • What camera do I need?

    A DSLR camera with an ISO range that extends to ISO 6400 (though you can make it work with only 3200)

  • What lens(es) do I need?

    A wide-ish angle lens. Your 18-55mm kit lens will work fine! On full frame up to 50mm, on APS-C up to a 35mm.

  • Anything other gear?

    The last must have is a stable tripod. There are other optional accessories that we go over in the course but they are not 100% necessary.

  • Where can I be located?

    You can live almost anywhere in the world. If your latitude is north of 65˚ you will not be able to see the Milky Way core at night. You also need to have transportation if you live inside a city. You won't be able to do this course if you live in New York City and have no available means of transport to drive to a dark site in the middle of the night.

  • What software do I need?

    The main editing software that I use and teach is Adobe Camera Raw (which uses the same engine as Lightroom, so if you use LR all of the steps are applicable just a slightly different interface) and Photoshop. You can get a monthly subscription to these programs (I cover exactly how to in the class). I also use Starry Landscape Stacker for Mac ($55, and so worth it), and recommend Sequator for Windows (free).

  • I've never shot in RAW before, help?

    I've got you! There is an added course on using Camera Raw AND we have in depth critiques using the software as well as support in the group. Many people in the class have never photographed in RAW before. You will not be alone, and you CAN do it!

Hi! I'm Kristine

I have been working as a professional photographer for 11 years and teaching photography for 12. I've worked with hundreds of brand new and seasoned photographers alike. For the past 10 years I have run a commercial photography studio for an international toy company as well as my own photography business. The last 4 years I've been intensively photographing the Milky Way and perfecting my system so you can create amazing images too.



Or hop onto a live chat with me! Yes, for real- it's me, Kristine, on this little chat icon off to the right here.

Now a quick side note: I do sometimes sleep 😂there should be a note there to say if I'm not at/near the computer. So if I don't answer right away I am either sleeping, or feeding one of my kids, leave your email and I will reply ASAP!